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Happy New Year

December 23, 2008

Fresh hope.
The holidays are over, and the new year is in full swing.

Newness is all around. The Christmas tree has been recycled, a new president will soon take office, and resolutions have been made, with hope all around. You can feel the anticipation in the cold air.

New beginnings.
As brothers, it was interesting to find that both of us (Christopher and Greg Jagmin) were working as designers in different capacities, and different cities. Greg decorates interiors, and Christopher designs dinnerware and handmade objects. So, for years, the two of us, have talked about collaborating on a project. We wanted to put our design heads together to see how the other thinks, and how we approach a design project. In learning about each other’s thought processes and philosophies, we realized that we tend to have the same interests, we also can learn from our differences.

Although Greg works with all levels of clients he finds the challenge of decorating on a more constrained budget invigorating. He believes that great design should be functional, represent the owners’ character and of course be beautiful. With high-end antiques or resale shop finds and a new finish or upholstery, rooms come alive. Greg loves found objects, combining them in to something new, or just leaving them as is. We both love putting these pieces together for something new to us, and hopefully fresh to the reader.

Christopher has been a graphic designer and artist for over twenty years, and always wanted to design houseware products. His dream was realized when he introduced his line of dinnerware two years ago (with Greg’s help!). Christopher believes that beauty and luxury can be found in the smallest of objects. A lovely plate, a small bunch of flowers, with some objects found around the house, good food and wine (We both love to cook), and conversation is a simple and inexpensive way to impress.

This blog will be our attempt to talk about our philosophies, growing up brothers born on the same day exactly 6 years apart, our large and interesting family, our influences, our friends, our homes, the Sonoran Desert and the Chicago Loop, and of course the interesting people that we meet.

Design is much more than arranging things. It is about a mood, a surprise, a treat, and the unexpected. It is about ease and comfort. It is about living well. We are especially interested in hearing from you; our readers about your thoughts on what design means to you.


Surrounding our mother, Barbara (at our grandmother’s home), are our other siblings (Our father, Marion: behind the camera):

1. Cindy, 2. Jeff, 3. Christopher, 4. Janine, 5. Kelly, 6. Beth, and 7.Greg

Keep updated.
Greg and Chris will be updating this Design Brothers blog every Friday. We may alternate, write together, or have guest writers talk about their views on design, so we can try to keep this fresh, just like this new year. Happy New Year!

-christopher & greg