Wake up!

Working from my home studio has it’s perks. Most of my work is done on the computer, with a sketch pad, and the phone, and there are not many reasons to leave the house on some days. Most of the people that I work with are out of town, and so while I don’t mind dressing nicely, I have to tell you that I love to be comfortable. I often wear shorts with a sweater, and stay inside. When the time comes for a break, I can take that much needed shower of the day.

I don’t want to rub it in to you 9-5 workers, but I am lucky that my daily shower becomes more of a luxury than a chore to get out the door. I love a nice warm shower, and it is a nice way to refresh and gives me one of my favorite times to get creative. I guess it is my think tank. After the shower, I try to take a bit of time for myself to do a crossword puzzle, or read. It really is a nice way to break up my day, and get back to work, hopefully with a more creative spark.

Now I want to give you more of my secrets. I wanted to talk about something that men don’t generally talk about… except for metrosexuals, and Esquire Magazine… grooming products. I have never sat with my friends and talk about these kind of things, and I think it should change. Men don’t talk product, or maybe I just don’t hang around with the right people. Either way that is too bad. Knowing what other men use in the bathroom would have saved me lots of money over the years, along with a lot of stinky products ending up in landfills. Some of the items I use everyday took me years to find, and can’t imagine changing them now. So, with that said, maybe I can help some hapless man by telling you what I like.

I am not a big fan of soaps, (or candles, or cologne, for that matter) that have a scent. It is really hard to find soaps, after shave balm, deodorant, hair products, etc for men that have a fragrance. I like to keep it simple. I’m an unscented Ivory guy, and think it does the trick. In addition, in keeping with the scentless theme, I can’t imagine living without Aveeno Ultra Calming Shave Gel followed by Lab Series Razor Burn Relief. If you only knew how long it took me to find these great products! I’ve been settling instead for alcohol-based items, menthol, eucalyptus, or “cool” scents for a potpourri effect. I have also tried so many other products out there that were great, but too expensive, and not really worth the price.

For my short, short hair, not much is needed. It is dry, so conditioner is all I ever use, and have gotten to like an humectant to clean my hair, and also use dab to style it all. Easy. Although it usually has a coconut scent, I haven’t found the scent-free version yet, and there are a lot of various products. So, let me know if there is one out there!

Although I am a bit of a snob about scented products that seem to just mask natural body smells, there are times where a product makes me so happy with a clean, refreshing, and natural smell. And, who doesn’t like to start their day off with a little luxury? Dr. Bronner Peppermint Soap does that job for me. The natural peppermint smell and tingle really makes me happy. It makes me feel really good and clean. It may be in my imagination, but I think that the tingle wakes me up, while smell makes me smarter! It feels that good.

Shaving in the shower seems to help my face, and I haven’t had a nick in a few months. I highly recommend this, but be careful of water usage… time can add up in the shower! After resisting changing my perfectly good razor, I tried the Gillette Fusion, and am now a believer. It is pretty darn good, and can’t imagine life without the trimmer blade. Please accept my apologies for sounding like an ad for these products.

For me, it is those little things that make me happy, and getting the day off with a little luxury is very nice. I would love to hear about your everyday luxuries and rituals if you want to pass on your secrets!

Until next time

The Design Brothers

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One Comment on “Wake up!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Hey Chris, loved the suggestions, tho the shaving stuff doesn’t help me much. But I want to know about the 1 product you didn’t name or supply a pic. The hair “humectant”, what is it?

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