Little inspirations

I can get inspired by the craziest things. A spark of inspiration can hit me at the weirdest moment. Walking the other day, I saw an odd crack in the sidewalk that I pass by all of the time. When I got home, the way that the crack looked made me think of some sea life, and I started drawing jellyfish.

Last week, I found some packing strips that I ripped off a box I just purchased. Since then, I have been trying to figure out how to make a sculpture out of them. A trip to the Home Depot the other day, had me salivating for tools that I wouldn’t know how to use. I am hoping that these inspirational moments help me plan for some upcoming projects that I am planning right now.

As I came home today, I noticed that wildflowers that are just shooting up in my yard. I haven’t been able to notice them before because of the numerous weeds that are overpowering my yard. This winter, Phoenix has gotten more than it’s share of rain, and the desert is starting to bloom in a spectacular way. I can hardly wait to get out and hike a bit before the fleeting wildflowers are gone by May (or before if it gets too hot, too fast) to see more.

I know that spring is not everywhere yet, but it goes by so fast, and so I hope you don’t let it pass you by like it almost did for me. The little things that we pass each day might be calling you with inspiration, so I hope you listen.

Sometimes seeing those little things that I see everyday, wake me up to new ideas I seem to find them in the oddest places…

Until next time
The Design Brothers

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One Comment on “Little inspirations”

  1. Marie Says:

    Chris- I’ll bet that you did not step on that crack in the sidewalk….

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